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Sound Design(ed) Futures : New realities, spaces, technologies

le 27 mai 2022 I Organisation : Eleni-Ira Panourgia et Andrea Giomi

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“Sound Design(ed) Futures: New realities, spaces, technologies”

As part of the CCAMAN Team (Confluences, Cinematographic, Audiovisual, Musical and Digital Arts) and the Literature, Knowledge and Arts Research Lab (LISAA), a one-day international conference will be devoted to the future directions of sound design through artistic and scientific approaches.

Sound is omnipresent in the physical and virtual spaces that surround us in our everyday life, and is becoming increasingly important in the spaces emerging from the new modes of reality and technologies. Such developments invite us to explore sound from new perspectives and develop creative processes that employ such technologies in novel ways. The focus of this one-day conference will be placed on such creative processes and their potential in the design of our near future as well as ways to integrate sound more meaningfully into new digital, environmental and transversal realities.

Such new research and practices in sound design will be articulated in this one-day conference across three areas:

1. Sound and new technologies: sonic interaction design and the role of sound in different modes of reality: virtual, real, augmented, mixed and hybrid, and AI and ML applications.

2. Sound, space, environment: the role of sound in urban design and architecture; environmental sound and ecological approaches to sound.

3. New sound design practices and interdisciplinary creative processes: sound in combination with other media and creative processes.

The objective of the one-day conference is to respond to the subject and its creative, technological and ecological dimensions by bringing together experts from various backgrounds: music, sound art, musicology, architecture, design, urban studies, informatics and engineering, who will share the way they approach, create and speculate about our "sound design(ed) futures". The day will be organised around talks, presentations and work demonstration sessions.

Invited speakers: Atau Tanaka (Goldsmiths, University of London), Anna Xambó (De Montfort University, Leicester), Angela Brennecke (Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF), Sandra Pauletto (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Martin Parker (University of Edinburgh), Marco Donnarumma (Intelligent Instruments Lab, Iceland University of the Arts), Anne Sèdes (Université Paris 8) & Marc Billon (Université Gustave Eiffel), Grégoire Chelkoff (CRESSON, École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Grenoble), Katerina Talianni (University of the Peloponnese), David Buck (University of Sheffield)


10h00-10h15 Introduction

Session 1 | Sound and new technologies

10h15-10h45 Anna Xambó “Betwixt and between sound-based music and sound design”

10h45-11h15 Angela Brennecke “Challenges of audiovisual application development in cinematic contexts”

11h15-11h45 Atau Tanaka “Designing gesture-sound interactions with machine learning”

11h45-12h15 Sandra Pauletto “Sound for energy: can sonic interaction design help us understand how we use energy?”

12h15-12h30 Q&A

Lunch break

Session 2 | New sound design practices and interdisciplinary creative processes

14h00-14h30 Marco Donnarumma “Performing bodies, sounds and machines: Technologies of sound affect and seeds of body politics”

14h30-15h00 Martin Parker “Avoiding sound, why this happens and what to do about it”

15h00-15h30 Anne Sèdes & Marc Billon “Sound design, intermedialities, new credits for music composers”

15h30-15h45 Q&A

Coffee break

Session 3 | Sound, space, environment

16h30-17h00 Katerina Talianni “Sonic agency and Performance Theory: distributed and diverse performances in sound and space”

17h00-17h30 David Buck “A Musicology for Landscape”

17h30-18h00 Grégoire Chelkoff “Sketching space with sound: from urban scale to inhabited devices, issues and processes”

18h00-18h15 Q&A

18h15-18h30 Closing remarks


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